Choosing Caesarstone Benchtops in Melbourne

caesarstone benchtops Melbourne

The kitchen benchtop is the centrepiece of mission control in your home. Considering your lifestyle and how much maintenance you are prepared to pay, you must find the right material for your kitchen. Not all materials are suitable for all uses, and your decision will be guided by your budget, aesthetic “wish list”, and threshold for care. However, the process of finding the right supplier and choosing the right benchtop can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you choose the best material for your kitchen.

If you are looking to buy Caesarstone benchtops for your kitchen or bathroom, you should try AU Stone Company. Their quality assurance program guarantees the highest standards and attention to detail, and they encourage customer involvement in the process. If you have existing benchtops, you can fit your engineered stone benchtops over them. If you’re looking to remodel an entire house, this type of stone is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom.

Despite the fact that both granite and Caesarstone are high-quality materials, they have varying prices. This can be confusing as low-cost benchtops may not fit your kitchen specifications and may have an unattractive appearance. Ultimately, focus on the overall design and look of your kitchen to get the best value for your money. The decision will be easy if you’ve carefully considered your budget and your lifestyle.

Caesarstone benchtops are durable, resistant to spills, and incredibly durable. Compared to granite benchtops, Caesarstone’s strength is almost 17 times higher. The material’s natural strength combined with the manufacturing process ensures a high-quality product. Caesarstone slabs undergo a stringent quality control process to ensure the consistency of the material. The Caesarstone benchtops Melbourne company offers come in two main varieties: the supernatural ultra and the concetto.

Another attractive feature of Caesarstone benchtops is its sustainability. The benchtop is made of 93% normal quartz totals and polymer tars, which mean it is environmentally friendly and free of harmful bacteria, mould, and pathogens. Despite its expensive price tag, Caesarstone benchtops Melbourne offer a superior value. They are more durable than granite, marble, and are much easier to clean than their counterparts.

The price of Caesarstone benchtops varies depending on the type of countertop and how it is fabricated. The benchtops Melbourne companies offer are usually between $390 and $550 per square metre, and installation fees are included in the price. However, Caesarstone benchtops Melbourne companies will charge extra for installation, so you may want to consider other options before settling for a Caesarstone countertop. Its durability makes it the ideal choice for wet areas in the home, such as the kitchen.